Union Wage And Welfare Bond CT


This bond guarantees that wages and dues will be paid for hired union labor by the respective employers of union workers.The bond is very difficult to obtain since in the past these bonds have suffered very high loss ratios and forced many surety companies out of business. At this time very few companies offer them, the ones that do have higher rates, even with good credit. . For many this bond will be unavailable due to personal credit history of the owner.In addition to the online application we will need an e-mailed or faxed copy of the required bond. Each union  has their own specifically worded surety bond.Our Free "24" Hour Quote ProcedureHow to cut approval process and keep your cost low1. Our applications are all that's usually needed to get  a price. We don't have a short form that asks you for contact information and bond type only. Unless it is a pre-approved special bond, this type of form is usually followed by a call from the surety agency to obtain the balance of the information needed to get the approval.

2. We never require an application fee. All quotes are 100% free.

3. Bond approvals, like loans are based on personal credit, financial strength of the owner, bond amount and type of bond. The more information you provide, the better chance you have of getting the lowest available price and a faster approval.

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